🌏 Safe Earth $20,000 - 10 Week Giveaway 🌏

SafeEarth is proud to announce our new $20,000 giveaway competition. Holders will have the chance to win $1,000 each week and vote for which charity also receives $1,000 as a donation!

The competitions will revolve around past and future donations whilst running across all of our social media channels. Partnered with charities, influencers and promoters, expect the next 10 weeks to be incredibly exciting!

Week 3 & 4 - #WorldCleanup Competition

17th September to 3rd October

World Cleanup Day is an initiative helping bring together people in 180 countries to stand up against the global litter problem. Joining together to help tackle the problem and clean up waste, making it the biggest positive civic action the world has seen.

Now is your opportunity to join us in helping clean the world of litter! Simply take some time out to clean up a local area of litter, it's that simple!

Be creative, be bold and have fun!

Big or small, it doesn't matter,  just get involved!

1st Prize - $1000

2nd Prize - $500

3rd Prize - $300

4th Prize - $200

Bonus $100 for SafeEarth holders 🌏❤️

To enter our “World Cleanup” competition simply,

Step 1 - Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/SafeEarthETH & Join our Telegram community https://t.me/SafeEarthETH

Step 2 - Join us in helping clean up natural areas of litter. Rivers, forests, beaches and areas of natural beauty will be in with the best chance of winning.

Be creative, be bold and have fun!

Big or small, it doesn't matter,  just get involved!


Show proof of your contribution by using your best photo or short video!

Post your entry as a comment on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or our Telegram community under the competition announcement using #Trashtag #SafeEarth & #WorldCleanupDay

Do it for the money, or do it for mother nature! Either way, you’ll be doing your part to help clean up our shared home. Planet Earth 🌏❤️

Step 3 - Once you have posted this example of your cleanup then fill in this form below:


The competition ends 3rd October & 4 lucky winners will be selected by our good friends at Sungai Watch

announced in our telegram community https://t.me/SafeEarthETH



Our second week will see these 3 charities with a chance of receiving a $1,000 donation. Anyone can vote via our telegram community https://t.me/SafeEarthETH or on our Twitter post https://twitter.com/SafeEarthETH.  One charity will be picked every week to receive the $1000 donation.

If you have any recommendations for Charitable causes please get in touch on our website:


COTAP.Org   https://cotap.org/home/mission/

COTAP’s Mission

The mission of ‘Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty’ (COTAP) is to empower individuals and organizations in developed countries to address both climate change and global poverty.

COTAP counteracts your carbon emissions through certified forestry projects in least-developed regions which create transparent, accountable, and life-changing earnings for rural farming communities where income levels are less than $2 per day.

COTAP’s Solution

COTAP makes individuals in developed countries, primarily the U.S., aware of the poverty-alleviating power of forestry carbon projects, and COTAP makes forestry carbon credits accessible to individuals in small amounts and as a tax-deductible donation.

COTAP sources carbon offset funds from those who care about both climate change and poverty alleviation, pools those funds, and transparently matches those funds with our partners’ forestry projects in order to fill the forestry carbon finance gap, restore landscapes, and create direct, significant, verifiable, and lasting benefits for the most economically vulnerable people in the world.

All of COTAP’s current portfolio projects are registered under the Edinburgh, Scotland-based Plan Vivo carbon accounting standard. With roots stretching back to a research project in Chiapas, Mexico in 1994, Plan Vivo is the longest-standing and most established forestry carbon accounting standard in the world. Plan Vivo is also the only carbon accounting standard that always requires projects to have detailed plans for direct payments to smallholders and community groups. Plan Vivo-accredited projects are projected to sequester over 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

COTAP’s Vision

On an annual basis, COTAP aims to eventually catalyze millions of tonnes of validated carbon sequestration, millions of planted trees, and tens of millions of dollars in wages to hundreds of smallholder farmers who live on less than $2 per day. Unlike “crowdsourced” philanthropic models which involve loans, grants, matched savings, or guarantees, COTAP involves wages.

COTAP creates a new system whereby the world’s most vulnerable perform the tangible service of counteracting the unavoidable carbon footprint of individuals in developed countries.

This will not be simple, easy, or quick, but this is one of the many things that are worth doing despite all of the challenges.  It requires a movement, and we invite you to join us in our movement to make tomorrow brighter.

Wild tomorrow fund https://www.wildtomorrowfund.org/our-mission

Our Mission

We face the extinction of one million species in our lifetimes, but there is still hope. The solution to the extinction crisis lies in the expansion of natural habitats in threatened wild places. We must enlarge and protect the spaces devoted to the natural world in order to save the amazing variety of life on our planet – called biodiversity.

Our Approach - Protecting, Restoring & Re-wilding Habitat

We cannot save elephants without saving termites, we cannot save pangolins without saving ants, and we cannot save any of them without saving wild areas from destruction. Everything within an ecosystem is connected in marvellously complex ways, and they all need a safe place to call home.

We protect, restore and re-wild land in strategic, ecologically important areas, but we don't stop there - we look to neighbouring properties to join our land together so as to make much larger reserves and wildlife corridors.

We understand that for long-term sustainability everyone must benefit from conserving wild spaces. This includes the people living in the poor rural communities that surround our protected areas. Our programs aim to not only improve their lives but reduce their impact on natural resources while increasing support of conservation practices.

Ocean Defenders Alliance  https://www.oceandefenders.org/


Ocean Defenders Alliance works to clean and protect marine ecosystems through documentation, education, and meaningful action. Working with affected communities, we focus primarily on the reduction and removal of man-made debris which poses serious threats to ocean wildlife and habitats.



ODA envisions a world in which we educate communities and involve them in solutions that help ensure marine ecosystems can exist free from harm caused by human debris. Without abandoned fishing gear, trash, and improperly sunken vessels damaging their habitat, marine flora and fauna will be able to thrive.



Clear Focus:  We do not compromise our mission, yet strive to remain flexible and open to new ideas.


High Personal Standards:  We operate from a foundation of integrity, respect, and honesty, and expect the same of others.


Value Relationships:  We genuinely appreciate participation in and support of ODA's mission by our allies.


Continuous Improvement:  To maximize our efforts, we continually evaluate our methods, seek opportunities to learn, adapt as needed, and otherwise strive to better ourselves.


Open Communication:  In all relationships, we endeavour to share communications frequently, truthfully, in a timely manner, and from the heart.


Intelligent Planning:  To best facilitate our mission, we act strategically - with forethought, diligence, and comprehensive analysis.


Inspire and Empower:  With actions and through education, we raise awareness and motivate others to participate in making ODA's vision a reality.


Seek Collaboration:  We recognize the value of diversity and seek to enhance our mission by including a broad cross-section of individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies.

Operating from ship and shore, ODA's all-volunteer boat and dive crews remove derelict fishing nets, traps, lines, plastic, and other man-made debris threatening ocean wildlife and habitats.

ODA has two main geographical areas of operation. We have boats, divers, and onshore volunteers stationed in Southern California and the Hawaiian Islands.